Refund Policy

Rym Group was founded in order to give immidiate consult solutions to freelancers and businesses as one .

We hope you won’t need to use this policy 🙂

Thanks for ordering in Rym Group Limited, if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

When processing cards your billing descriptor will show up as ALW*rymgroup18882551137 

Cancellation Policy:

You have 24 hours after making an order to cancel an order, must by by email to

Our Refund Policy:

No refunds can be done once the job started, if you have any special case that you must get this Refund, Please contact your Project Manager and we will assess the situation .

Once we start – we allocate our resources for your project, therefore it will be problematic to refund as we need to pay for the resources as well.